Adios, overwintering!

I was looking through past garden photos of my own garden – getting ready to share a nostalgic look back, and sort of giving them one last goodbye peek before we move in ONE WEEK – and came across this gem.


Guess I wont have to deal with this anymore, eh?

For the plant-crazy folk who garden in colder climates – like the Hudson Valley’s zone 5 – keeping tender plants alive from year to year is part challenge, part hoarder and all garden nerd. It connects us. It excites us. It impresses us! “Ooooh, your garage is heated?” “My, what a large and healthy brugmansia you have!”

Which plants come in when, what goes into the basement vs the garage vs the unheated shed – it’s all part of the advanced gardening game that allows us to maintain a diverse¬†collection of larger and more varied specimens that no one could afford to replace every year.

And now I won’t have to worry about that. Ok! I guess.¬†I can’t wait to see what seasoned gardeners dish about in our new, much warmer, home.

(Note the trowel frozen in ice inside the garden trug)