A Fresh Start

GardenOn.SempervivumurnIt turns out moving cross country with a young family and starting a new job didn’t leave me with much of anything to give to a new blog project, and so 2016 saw very little growth here at Garden On! LOTS of garden exploring and learning, just no writing. This past January I resigned from my dreamy job with the Garden Conservancy Open Days program to focus on our little darlings (Sprout 1 and Sprout 2), and almost immediately felt a small spark of possibility …like maybe a reboot of Garden On could/should happen?

Then I spent three months thinking about this first post back. (Kiss of death for doing anything new.) So without further ado, this post marks a fresh start for Garden On! It already feels good to be back.

A quick note about the photo above. Last season this adorable urn planted with sempervivum (hens and chicks) lived as the centerpiece on our patio dining table all year long. It was sweet and small and stayed mostly out of the way. Then, last week I picked it up and set it on a table nearby without really giving it much thought (it was one of those pot moving days…) and POW! It was exactly what that spot needed. Suddenly the urn, the pot behind it, the table – the whole vignette came to life. I didn’t mean to do it.

I love these garden moments; both the thrill of making them by accident, and also the delight of finding a perfectly fitting composition of any kind (pots, rocks, plants, etc) when exploring a garden. So now I’m on a mission to pay attention to small, thoughtful details this season. Who knows if the magic can happen again – on purpose this time.

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