Performance Anxiety?


Bring your kids plant shopping – it’s just as much fun for them as any other outdoor environment.

I don’t know what my problem is, but so far (Days living on West Coast: 5) I have been unable to make a plant purchase. And not for lack of opportunity. I met a cool succulent seller, Cody from Kaprielian Growers, at the Mountain View farmers market last Sunday who had a fun selection and great prices. Then, today, the kids and I went to check out SummerWinds Nursery, also in Mountain View, and left with an empty trunk.

GardenOn.PlanerideWhat the heck!?! Goodness knows I’ve racked up enough plant-buying points supervising and surviving a cross-country move with an infant, toddler, cat and husband. I also gave away my entire potted plant collection. And left my garden behind, not to mention friends and family. There are definitely many new garden buys to be had in the near future, but for some reason I just can’t get this party started. Please stay tuned, the curse is sure to lift any day now…

Have a local nursery or grower to recommend – please share in the comments below!