The Agave Collection at Plant Delights Nursery


I’m trying to wrap my head around the incredible amount of new-to-me plants I’ll soon be able to grow. It’s pretty much an ongoing reel in my mind – agave and bromeliads and citrus oh my! – so please forgive me if it seems I’m not listening when you talk.


My bewilderment comes mostly from the fact that I have visited very few western, summer dry or zone 9 gardens. I have almost zero point of reference for what I’m getting in to. I don’t like surprises…and so it’s driving me nuts!


I keep going back in my mind to seeing the agave collection at Plant Delights Nursery in Raleigh, North Carolina. It’s one of the only ones I’ve seen…yet. (If you’re a plant lover and are unfamiliar with this catalog sign up asap.) The large paved area filled with pot after pot after pot was a favorite that day when we toured the display gardens. “Start agave collection” immediately went on the wildest garden dreams wishlist.

And now I can.


G A R D E N   S T U D Y   Q U E S T I O N S
– Are all agave hardy to zone 9?
– Do potted specimens require special care/protection in winter?
– What is the best potting mix recipe for container planted agave?
– How fast do they grow? Or do you control their size by planting in a small pot?